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LifeLine Affiliate Program



Let’s face it, all great movements in history involve passionate individuals who know that radical, inspiring, life-changing transformation begins with one single person sharing an idea with another person, and BOOM…like wildfire…inspiration is ignited.

And it begins with you, with us, with a community of like-minded friends who know we CAN make the world a more loving and peaceful place. A place where we become more fully ourselves, to live out our dreams, and just to feel great in our hearts and souls.

Our vision of inner peace that creates a ripple of world peace is happening.

We see it in people just like you who know that when you take care of your inner environment, when you can respond from a compassionate, loving place of intention versus a reactive, restful, fearful, and traumatic place that you can move mountains in your relationships and the flow of your life. 

Who are you going to impact by sharing this conscious raising tool?

It’s a 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 GO decision to share LifeLine and we want to thank you.

Simply sign up for our Affiliate program and you’ll get personalized links to share our life-changing programs that include:

Thank you for joining our team to ignite peace. 

LifeLine Affiliate Commission Levels


  • LifeLine Ignite Teachers who maintain Certified LifeLine Practitioner status with recertification


  • Certified LifeLine Practitioners who are current with recertification
  • LifeLine Ambassadors

$25 flat fee

  • General partners, LifeLine clients, and students

PLEASE NOTE: Affiliate commissions are ONLY offered through your direct affiliate links. Any registrations not done through your links will not receive affiliate commissions.

Commissions are paid out every 30 days at a minimum amount of $100 USD or higher.

The LifeLine affiliate program does not apply to your own registration to any of our available programs.