The LifeLine Technique®



How does The LifeLine Technique® work?

The LifeLine Technique® is a holistic integrative system developed by Dr. Darren Weissman. It is used to transform fear based reactive patterns of our mind and body through processing emotions buried within the subconscious mind.

At the root of why we struggle or remain stuck with symptoms, stress, and dis-ease are unprocessed emotionally charged memories. These memories – when triggered through our senses by our environment – activate a fear based lens of misperception, protective walls and masks, as well as limiting beliefs which rob us of our fullest and greatest potential. The consequence and direct impact of being driven by reactive patterns is experienced within the cells our body and relationships.

The LifeLine Technique® will empower you to live in the present moment and thus activate your body’s natural ability to heal and your life’s greatest potential for creating thriving relationships.

What is the procedure for the first appointment?

When scheduling a NEW CLIENT LifeLine session you will be asked to fill out a comprehensive intake form evaluating your mind, body, and spirit. The intake form will enable our Certified LifeLine Practitioners to create a clear and strategic plan for supporting you to achieve your greatest and fullest potential.

Your practitioner will guide you through a full LifeLine session. At the end of the session, your practitioner will give you deepening exercises for you to solidify the shift that’s been created on a subconscious level as well as will create a strategic plan with helping you to create the most effective and quickest changes.

What type of session follow up is recommended?

There is no cookie cutter approach to working with anyone. Even if you have a similar diagnosis or experience as another person, your journey to healing will be tailored specifically to you. Oftentimes the Certified LifeLine Practitioner will guide you with a series of sessions and then do a reevaluation – what we call a scenic overview. This will enable you and your practitioner to be logical and strategical with making sure you’re having an experience that matches your goals and vision.

How long are LifeLine Sessions?

NEW CLIENT LifeLine sessions are 90-minutes and follow-up LifeLine sessions are 60-minutes. You have the option to schedule 90-minute follow-up sessions as well.

What is the cost of a LifeLine Session?

NEW CLIENT LifeLine sessions with Dr. Darren Weissman are $350 USD discounted from the regular 90-minute fee of $525 USD. Follow-up 60-minute LifeLine sessions with Dr. Darren are $350 USD or 90-minute LifeLine sessions are $525 USD.

NEW CLIENT LifeLine sessions with Sharon Faw, Dr. Mary Alexander, and Paige Frisone are $250 USD. Follow-up 60-minute LifeLine sessions are $175 USD or 90-minute LifeLine sessions are $250 USD.

NEW CLIENT LifeLine sessions with Pedro Colaço are $175 USD. Follow-up 90-minute LifeLine sessions are $175 USD.

Does The LifeLine Technique® Offer CEUs?

Yes, we offer CEUs for The Australian Kinesiology Association. Additionally, we offer CEUs for massage therapists and bodyworkers who have completed our introductory, LifeLine Ignite course.

How Is The LifeLine Technique® Different?

The LifeLine Technique® creates a higher level of consciousness of symptoms and stress and intentionally manifests your greatest potential. Combining 14 science and spirit modalities into one process results in transforming a tormenting mind of anxiety, fear, and overwhelm to a conscious choosing mind of calm confidence, clarity, vision, and action and ultimately inner peace regardless of circumstance.

We do not treat disease or cure anyone as the body is intelligently designed to heal, regenerate, and be whole. The entire process can be non-content meaning that a client does not need to share vulnerable information.

The LifeLine Technique® empowers you to develop leading-edge consciousness of emotional and physical health and cognitive flexibility while creating resilience in your life.

What If I Miss A Class?

All of our LifeLine Experience classes (webinars) are live, recorded and available for replay. All classes are uploaded to our online learning library. We highly encourage all LifeLine students to attend classes regularly so that you can have fun learning with LifeLiners from around the world. This is a great way to connect with our amazing LifeLine community.

What If I Live Outside The U.S.?

The benefit of our LifeLine online courses is that anyone can participate, no matter where they reside. Our online programs create the opportunity to learn The LifeLine Technique® with unlimited forever 24/7 access. We have certified practitioners in 24 countries including the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Singapore, Denmark, Spain, and others.

Can I Use My Cell Phone Or Skype For Classes?

You are welcome to use Skype, Google Voice, or your cell phone. Our video conferencing system seems to work well with these connections. No matter how you connect, if we isolate your line as causing interference, we will ask that you stay muted or ask you to call in again. All of our webinars offer a toll-free number for callers in the United States and Canada. International numbers are also available. International callers have also found good luck and fair rates using Skype or Google Voice.

Do You Offer LifeLine Coaching? & Do I Need To Hire My Own Coach?

We highly recommend and encourage you to create a daily LifeLine practice.

We offer coaching services with approved Certified LifeLine Practitioner Coaches Cindy Perloff and Jocelyn Harvey. We will provide you with all training materials. Many times students find that coaching is a great way to guide you through the process. Should you choose to hire a coach, we at The LifeLine Center can recommend these additional resources.

LifeLine coaching creates the opportunity to benefit from face-to-face learning. Coaching reinforces your knowledge through feedback and practice. Coaching participants receive support and mentoring from an experienced Certified LifeLine Practitioner.

Additionally, we offer LifeLine business coaching for Certified LifeLine Practitioners that desire to grow and evolve their LifeLine business.

Please contact The LifeLine Center at 1-866-398-9864 with any questions.

Can I Purchase Additional LifeLine Sessions?

Yes. We highly recommend and encourage your participation in individual LifeLine sessions. This will help you process your emotions to create a greater level of growth, in every aspect of your life. Please contact The LifeLine Wellness Center for additional information or use our online scheduler to book a session with Dr. Darren Weissman or one of Master LifeLine Practitioners.

Is there anything that I need to invest in beyond the course?

Yes, students will need to purchase Chakra rocks/crystals, Chakra Tuning Forks, and Chakra Oils. We do not sell these items as there are many options available and personal preferences vary. For LifeLine student discounts, on LifeLine tools, please click on this link:

You are not required to purchase anything else for our courses or to complete your certification.

How Much Coursework Will There Be?

Coursework varies but we recommend that you set aside 2-6 hours per week. However, this coursework is not like schoolwork. Learning The LifeLine Technique® is designed for you to have fun while building on your experience and skills. We have created an interactive learning community where you will be inspired to meet your fullest potential.

Is There Any Pre-Work Or Anything I Need To Do Prior To Starting The LifeLine Technique Program?

Yes, please read The LifeLine Technique® manual and view your pre-course materials, housed within the LifeLine Experience Course.

We highly recommend:

  • The Power of Infinite Love & Gratitude: An evolutionary journey to awakening your spirit by Dr. Darren Weissman. This book provides an introduction to The LifeLine Technique® and helps you to gain insight into how The LifeLine is an evolutionary healing journey.
  • Awakening to the secret code of your mind: Your mind’s journey to inner peace by Dr. Darren Weissman. Awakening to The Secret code will help you to understand the 16 steps of The LifeLine Technique® and is a valuable resource for learning The LifeLine.
  • The Heart of the Matter: A simple guide to discovering gifts in strange wrapping paper By Dr. Darren Weissman. This book will help readers to gain a deeper understanding of the See, Feel, Hear Process. These books are not included in your tuition fee; however, you may purchase them separately.

Do You Offer Payment Plans?

Yes. We offer a variety of payment plans based on the courses selected. See the registration tab for exact terms.

Is Tuition Refundable?

All LifeLine course participants may request a refund until the refund window closes.

The refund window is open for 72 hours from your initial date of purchase.

To request a refund, email The LifeLine Center at

Once your request has been received, if applicable, you will be required to return your tools.

All shipping, handling, taxes, and fees that may apply are nonrefundable.

Once your tools have been received, we will refund whatever you have paid, less a 20% service fee of the purchase price for any item. The service fee will not be applied to any future courses, services, or live events. We will not offer refunds after the refund window closes.

For LifeLine Courses, all withdrawal requests must be sent in writing and must include the following information: your full name, the course you are enrolled in, the date of purchase, and your reason for withdrawing.

Requests to withdraw will not be accepted over the phone.

Requests to withdraw must be emailed:

The LifeLine Learning Center


No withdrawals will be accepted 72 hours after the date of purchase.

Are LifeLine Classes All Taught Consecutively?

Yes, classes are designed with an intuitive and integrated process. The curriculum allows you to practice what you have learned while gaining skills based on core concepts. All classes have lesson plans, learning objectives, practice sessions, videos, audio narration and celebrations to ensure your success. These courses are designed to help you create a daily LifeLine practice.

How Many LifeLine Courses And Webinars Are Offered Per Year?

Most of our LifeLine courses are designed as Evergreen courses for students to join in at any time. Some of our courses have live webinars or Masterclasses as additional learning components and are taught by Dr. Darren Weissman. We highly encourage and recommend that all LifeLine students participate as much as possible to create a daily LifeLine practice and to enhance your learning of The LifeLine Technique®. However, we do offer replay access if you are unable to attend at the scheduled times. This offers the ability to create your own unique schedule of learning.  We are a thriving community and welcome you to participate so that you can connect with LifeLiners from around the world.

How Do I Become Certified in The LifeLine Technique® and a Certified LifeLine Practitioner?

Steps to become certified in The LifeLine Technique® and a Certified LifeLine Practitioner:


  • Complete all 16 modules and Celebrations of Learning for each module
  • Complete Written Part 1 divided into 3 parts at the end of LifeLine Experience


  • Complete 10-week course
  • Finish all required assignments


This is the final step in becoming Certified in The LifeLine Technique® and the opportunity to become a Certified LifeLine Practitioner (CLP). Conducted remotely online.

  • Written Part 2 – Draw out the center section of The LifeLine Technique® Flow Chart and answer a series of true-false and short answer questions
  • Verbal celebration conducted with Dr. Darren Weissman
  • Turn in 25 practice LifeLine® sessions using the client session sheet


Certified in The LifeLine Technique®

  • For individuals who are using LifeLine as a daily practice for their own personal and family use.
  • Being Certified in The LifeLine Technique® DOES NOT allow you to charge for LifeLine Sessions, claim to be a Certified LifeLine Practitioner, or utilize components of The LifeLine Technique® in any professional manner.

Certified LifeLine Practitioner (CLP)

  • For individuals who desire to professionally utilize The LineLine Technique® by building a LifeLine business and charging for LifeLine sessions.
  • There are specific required guidelines to be a CLP such as signing a code of ethics, purchasing liability insurance, and recertifying every 2 years to be sure that high standard quality care is maintained.

What Are The Benefits Of Certification?

Certified LifeLine Practitioners are able to create their own thriving LifeLine business. Certified LifeLine Practitioners are encouraged to add their information to the Certified LifeLine Practitioner Directory. Additionally, practitioners have access to specific marketing materials and are able to participate in our How to Build Your LifeLine Business in 90 Days online course and our LifeLine business coaching program. Practitioners have access to continuing education classes and live events with discounts on continuing education and additional goods and services. Once you are certified, you can choose to grow your business by participating in The LifeLine Ambassador Club and by becoming a Certified LifeLine Ignite teacher so that you can teach others the introductory steps of this amazing process. Certification ensures mastery of The LifeLine Technique®, a process that will give you the tools, strategies, and support to transform every aspect of your life while creating a life you love to live.

Does The LifeLine Certification Program Regulate Its Practitioners?

Yes, all Certified LifeLine Practitioners are required to recertify every two years. Practitioners are required to sign a code of ethics and are required to purchase and maintain liability insurance on an annual basis, upon certification completion. All efforts to maintain the highest level of certification standards are expected by Certified LifeLine Practitioners. However, the developer of The LifeLine Technique® and The LifeLine Center cannot be held responsible for the conduct of individual practitioners.

What Is The Value Of Learning The LifeLine Technique®?

Learning The LifeLine Technique® creates the ability to tap into the power of your mind using a laser like system to discover the root cause of physical symptoms and life stress, the ultimate communication tool for activating the power of your subconscious mind. The LifeLine Technique® bridges the gap from where your life is now to the next greatest version of your health, relationships, and business. In the LifeLine, we view problems as portals: turn pain, fear, and stress into the catalyst for personal evolution by connecting to your core of infinite potential. The LifeLine Technique® creates the ability to manifest your hearts dream’s and desires to bring out the next greatest version of yourself by tapping into the power and intention of your true self. Use the power of your subconscious mind to work for you in every area of your life. You can do this! We can help!

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