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LifeLine Ignite Teachers are Certified LifeLine Practitioners (CLP), who have taken their passion for sharing The LifeLine Technique® a step beyond just offering LifeLine sessions but have become certified to teach the LifeLine Ignite course.

All LifeLine Ignite Teachers listed on the directory below have been certified by Dr. Darren Wissman to teach the Ignite process. They offer in-person and remote webinar classes of LifeLine Ignite, which teaches the first three steps The LifeLine Technique®, a 16 step system.

All our LifeLine Ignite Teachers are INDEPENDENT PRACTITIONERS and are responsible for their scheduling and class hours and fees. Please reach out directly via the contact information provided in the listings.

Looking for private LifeLine sessions? LifeLine Sessions are available through The LifeLine Wellness Center with Dr. Darren Weissman, Sharon Faw Martin, and Dr. Mary Alexander. For more information and to schedule a LifeLine Session CLICK HERE!

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Please reach out directly via the contact information provided in the listings to learn about classes and services offered by LifeLine Ignite Teachers!

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