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Thank you for visiting us. Our goal is to assist you with igniting whatever change you desire. It is The LifeLine Center’s intention and passion to guide you to live fully in the present moment and to assist your body’s ability to heal and your relationships to thrive.

The LifeLine Center is comprised of two branches.

The LifeLine Learning Center offers programs to learn The LifeLine Technique® and has drawn thousands of students from all over the world people who have become Certified LifeLine Practitioners in over 24 countries.

The LifeLine Wellness Center, directed by Dr. Darren Weissman is where he and Certified LifeLine Practitioners serve clients via remote or in-person LifeLine sessions.

We seek to work with clients and students who are open and willing to approach health challenges as portals to a new way to care for the body and perceived relationship failures and breakdowns as feedback to create deep personal change.

We look forward to connecting with and serving you.


  • Creating World Peace through Inner Peace

Our mission is to empower people to create a practice for emotional resilience and inner peace creates ripples through families, communities, and the world. Together, we can heal the planet of trauma, one person at a time.

  • The LifeLine Center Difference

You will be seen and heard as a real person with a real desire for change. We care about each and every client and student and will meet you where you are, without judgment, to help you find the best place to begin your healing journey. We’ve been there ourselves and are passionate about people.

  • Time Tested with Sustainable Results

Based upon his life’s work and research Dr. Weissman developed The LifeLine Technique® in 2002. Since then, he co-founded The LifeLine Center with his business partner, Sarit, offering a diverse array of individual care services and educational course programs devoted to personal development. The impact can be found in the words of our clients on the LIVES CHANGED page.


  • Cutting Edge Learning Opportunities

We strive to reach as many people around the globe with our accessible online platform to learn and experience The LifeLine Technique®. Our sustainable approach to digital course materials creates a no paper, low shipping imprint on the environment.

  • Our People Make Us Great

Our international team of compassionate practitioners and team members put serving you as our top priority. You will experience an extremely responsive team who answers the phone and your email messages…no call centers, just real people with real passion for you to thrive.

  • Serving Our Community

Be sure to add yourself to receive notice of our regular free program events or visit our PROGRAM page for community Healing Circles and FREE COURSES.


Grab a FREE Group LifeLine Healing Circle Session with Step-by-Step Download.

The process transforms a tormenting mind of anxiety, fear, and overwhelm to a conscious choosing mind of calm, confidence, clarity, action, and ultimately inner peace regardless of circumstances.

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