The LifeLine Technique®

Rule 1 For Mastering The Game of Life

The 9 Rules For Mastering The Game of Life

Life is so complex and chaotic at times, and yet there seems to be a sense of order and simplicity to the randomness. Depending upon your chosen view, you either align yourself with the order and simplicity or get lost and disconnect from the complexity and chaos.

But what if life were a game? How would you play? What would the rules be?
Most importantly, how would you master the game of life?

Let’s begin with the rules.

1. The universe and my mind are infinite in potential.

Plato was speaking of the first rule of life when he said, “mathematical objects, such as infinity, are real
in their own right, and the mind has the power to grasp them directly in some way. From the concept of time and the cosmos to the cycle of the seasons and life itself, the universe is infinite. It is forever expanding and undefined.”

Therefore, as a being of the universe, your mind possesses the nature and potential of the infinite.
The infinite universe and mind are the great frontier, the endless entity of boundless mystery. Acknowledging your connection to the infinite universe and the infinite mind is fundamental to understanding the unlimited potential that you possess. This view is infinitely magnified by the core truth that you are a spiritual being having a
human being experience. By being connected you experience the infinite essence and wonder of life.

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