The LifeLine Technique®

The Triune Brain Theory

The Neocortex is the storehouse of higher, cognitive functions such as rational thinking and creative expression. It is the conscious mind (2 – 10 %) . . . The only mind that is capable of choosing. The Limbic Brain is the storehouse of emotion, attention, instincts, feeding, fighting, fleeing, and sexual behavior. It is the subconscious mind (90 – 98%) . . . The reactive mind. Based upon protection in the moment and evolution. The Reptilian Brain is rigid, obsessive, compulsive, ritualistic, and paranoid. This part of the brain regulates all body functions (heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar, respiration, immunity, hormones, etc.) and is the subconscious mind (98%) or the reactive mind. This part of the brain is based upon protection in the moment. Our emotional intelligence is raised when all 3 aspects of the brain are integrated. When integrated, healing and thriving become our natural way of being when the Neocortex, Limbic, and Reptilian Brains are capable of processing the emotions we experience. 

The limbic brain is activated into a hypnotic state/reptilian reaction as a means for survival when a perceived overwhelming emotional experience occurs. It is called T Minus 1 and it stands for perceived trauma minus 1 milli second. This occurs instantly and automatically. All sensory data of the perceived traumatic experience are stored as short-term memory within the limbic brain, creating an imprint or what is called a conditioned response. Similar senses to the original emotional experience can activate the reactive pattern. The hypnotic state of reaction begins as a means of survival and protection; however, because it persists, it becomes a maladaptive stress reaction impacting both biological and behavioral perception for living in the moment. The result is symptoms – Pain, Fear, Stress. This state of reaction is the way the spirit consciously evolves. The initial protective mechanism transforms into a feedback loop to awaken you that you now have the tools, strategies, and environmental support to consciously choose love regardless of circumstances. Because the brain and body do not know the difference between a memory, imagination, or reality the maladaptive stress reaction is most often taken personally rather than spiritually.

Most people become defined by their experiences. The same chemicals (neuropeptides – molecules of emotion) that were secreted during the initial perceived trauma are secreted again and again when they are activated in the future. It is as if the person is experiencing the perceived trauma for the first time each time the reactive emotion is triggered. This is the manner in which the subconscious mind protects in the moment and consciously evolves, and is the essence of the Spirit Protection Reflex (SPR). Not until a subconscious emotion is made conscious, can a person begin to transform health challenges and stressful experiences. Bridging the limbic-reptilian brain to the neocortex empowers conscious transformations on a physical, psychological, and spiritual level.

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