The LifeLine Technique®

Understanding Your Infinite Mind

What is the Super Conscious Mind?

• Your personal, professional, and family connection to Universal Oneness

• A combination of your conscious and subconscious mind

• Creates both active and reactive Thoughts, Feelings, Words, and Behaviors

• When the conscious and subconscious minds are aligned with the same set-point our thoughts, feelings, words, and behaviors take on a whole new level of manifestation.

The Conscious Mind 2 – 10 % = Active Mind

• Your ability to be present, observe, discern, intend, imagine, and change is based upon your conscious awareness . . . See, Feel, Hear, Smell, Taste, and Touch.

• Creative and Logical – Thoughts, Feelings, Words, and Behavior

• Choice ONLY exists within the conscious mind.

• Symptoms are just the tip of the iceberg! Would you choose to be sick or stressed? Hell No!

• What’s below the surface of every symptom and stressor?

The Subconscious Mind 90 – 98% = Reactive Mind

• Invisible and Unknown

• Protective only in the present moment

• Regulates the function of every cell individually and collectively for your entire body.

• Beliefs for learning, growing, healing, and evolving. It’s the Programmed Mind.

• All Subconscious minds are interconnected.

• There is NO CHOICE nor JUDGMENT within the subconscious mind. It’s REFLEXIVE in nature!

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