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Conscious Evolution Course

Awaken Your Greatness and Transform Lives

What you'll get:

  • 16 on-demand learning modules
  • Recurring teaching cohorts that run for 12-weeks LIVE via Zoom + access the replay class library 
  • Downloadable Resources: Course Manual, Flow Cart, and other learning tools

In Conscious Evolution, you'll learn The LifeLine Technique®, an integrative holistic self-healing therapeutic system, to identify the root cause of symptoms, stress, and disease.

We'll guide you step-by-step through the science and philosophy of LifeLine sessions and teach you how to process trauma, transform subconscious limiting beliefs, evolve emotional intelligence, and equip you with real tools to thrive and awaken the dormant greatness within.

Questions or need support? Contact us at 866.398.9864 or send us a message here.

What People Are Saying:

I'm so profoundly grateful for the synchronicity that brought me into your course … I've embarked on this journey now, and am super thrilled by each webinar and module I've watched so far. In the beginning I've to admit I did feel overwhelm, because it's just soooo much that I didn't get a grip on, that you do so naturally yet still is like a foreign language to me. What really helped was in Module 1, where you explained HOW you teach. By immersing us in the technique and then picking out different pieces each time, that you focus on.

Chris B.