Day 2 It’s Time to Turn Your Problems into Portals!

It’s time to turn your problems into portals! Your heart is an epic emotional barometer, constantly picking up and reacting to the energy of its environment. Your most intimate relationships as well as most far out random thoughts send signals of either flow and grow or stress and no go. How you digest food is directly related to how you digest emotions. Emotional patterns are etched in the lines of your fingerprints and forehead. The inflections of your voice are either monotone or a harmonic convergence of the greatness within YOU. Stand up taller! Change your shame and judgement posture into full and deep breaths of Joy and Jubilance. It’s time to take a leap!

Whether people are near or far – like a marionette – there are heart strings being pulled based upon how you accept or resist your emotional flow. Stress isn’t what’s wrong . . . Stress is a signal for YOU to courageously leap heart first into the abyss of a New You. Go for it! Stop the tug o war and begin a journey of intuition and inner peace. Use the emotions that have been ruling you to shoot for the moon. Nurture your energy as energy is your nature. Leap and the net will appear!

In the words of Michael Jordan, “I didn’t come here to be average.” Celebrate the fantastic details of your body and the many facets of your ever evolving life. Life is Amazing! Know that you can live both meaningfully and on purpose. You have the power to reconnect to the miracle and blessing of your life. Look for signs and signals of the eternal and infinite. Practice breathing. Be mindful of your posture and subtle movements. Feel the energy of your thoughts and words. Be aware of your awareness. Dig deep into the invisible you . . . It is here you’ll discover your most authentic self. Trust. Love knows the way. You’ve got this!

“I Am Taking A Small Step Into The New Me Feeling ______!”

Keep shining bright!

With Infinite Love & Gratitude~
Dr. Darren

Day 1 Stop Numbing Yourself with Food, Alcohol, Drugs, Sex, and Work.

There’s a power whose magnificence is everywhere. Look for it in every moment: in the sun, the rain, and children playing. Listen for it all around you . . . from the depths of silence to the crescendo of a symphony. Inhale a fragrant field of flowers and the freshness of a newborn baby . . . its scent will transform your very soul. Every experience with this power brings you closer to your most authentic self, to the source of the Divine that’s within all of us. It’s in the essence of every moment . . . it’s Infinite Love & Gratitude.

Make this year different than all of the rest.

Stop numbing yourself with food, alcohol, drugs, sex, and work. Breakthrough the reactive pattern of empty relationships and unfulfilled promises. See Feel and Hear fear, anger, loneliness, and judgment as a path to your most magnificent life. It’s in you to shine! You have what it takes. Be more courageous than you’ve ever been. You Can Do This! Infinite Love & Gratitude is Your Nature!

Begin your healing journey now. Breakthrough your comfort zone into your Awesomeness! Let go of the belief that the state of your health – discomfort, dis-ease, and dysfunction – is just “the nature of life.” Surrender the guilty conviction that chronic illness is the price you must pay for sowing “wild oats”. It’s time to kick it into gear. This is your year!

Release the thought, feeling, and belief that health is reserved only for the young and that aches and pains are a sign you’re “getting old.” Popping pills receiving injections, or submitting to unnecessary surgeries are only temporary stopgaps. You may poke your fingers in a dam that’s sprung multiple leaks, but eventually there will be an overflow, and the health that your were fighting so hard to preserve will be lost. Love Heals. Begin with LOVING yourself first and fully.

Thomas Edison, the great American innovator, inventor, and creative thinker, once said, “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” There’s no failures in life when you do your best and own your power – just the opportunity to learn lessons that will keep you on a course to achieve your highest goals: optimal health, dignity, happiness, and peace of mind. You Matter! Give it your all!

The process of healing is a spiritual journey – the evolutionary path to awakening your spirit. Make it fun! Just remember: At the moment you choose to own your power and feel, you’ve already succeeded . . . Imagine yourself healed. Imagine yourself wealthy. Imagine yourself as your very best. Now do what ever needs to be done to align yourself with the greatness – Infinite Love & Gratitude – that’s already within you! You’ve waited your entire life for this time. Let’s do this!

“I AM Infinite Love & Gratitude Feeling _______!”

Keep shining bright!

With Infinite Love & Gratitude~
Dr. Darren

Confront Your Demons

A Year of Living Intentionally

Shine on You Crazy Diamonds! Confront your demons. Turn the espionage of self sabotage into a spiritual massage. Dig deep into your tight traps! You’re holding so much frustration from unmet needs and expectation. You’ve got emotion that’s restricting your motion. Stretch your tight ass rigid rules of how you think life is supposed to be. Ahhhhhhhh! That’s better. Feel yourself finally beginning to relax. Did I mention the tension in your heart? Breakthrough the brokenness of your life. Let the damn of withheld emotions rush forward. The wall is coming down. Inner Freedom creates Outer Freedom. There is so much greatness in YOU. You have what it takes to heal any and every situation. You’re not on your own. You are worthy and deserving of happiness. It’s time. The Best is Yet to Come!

Today is a brand new day. Welcome to your future! Even though there are current events causing you fear, anger, and stress and that this fear, anger, and stress stems from a past history that you’ve endured and survived. And even though, the future is uncharted, unwritten, unknown, where everything is possible and nothing is guaranteed . . . You’re going to start to notice something amazing happen to you today. You’re going to notice that the dreams you’ve been searching and reaching for have been here all along . . . Though in disguise….now the light to realize with real eyes. It’s time for the Awakening. Let go into the unknown. Heaven is a state of mind. See Feel Hear. Own it!

Face your perceived reality as it is. Embrace the people around you as they are. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you don’t get to choose what happens in life and you also don’t get to choose how others will behave. Your choice is how you respond. Stop doing and start Be-ing. You are not a human doer. You are a human being. Be a great friend. Be confident, calm, and content. Be compassionate and kind. Be Love in the face of fear. There is freedom in authenticity. There is hope in courage. There is infinite possibilities in YOU!

Allow your mind to reveal thoughts of clarity of vision. You are confident, calm, and content. Feel deep in your passionate heart for a warm embrace of confidence, calm, and content . . . It’s not only in YOU . . . It is YOU. Every one of the trillions of cells in your body is receiving and broadcasting signals of confidence, calm, and contentment. Your body is beginning to heal and regenerate. You are whole. People are not only attracted to you; they are inspired by your confidence, calm, and contentment. When you walk into a room, the energy of the room immediately begins to change. People that you love and strangers you pass in the grocery store are beginning to notice their own inner confidence, calm, and contentment growing just being around you, let alone hearing a song that reminds them of you. You are Awake. You are Enlightened. You’re Highest Self is leading the way. Enjoy the ride while you Shine! You’ve got this!

“I Am Confident, Calm, and Content Feeling _______!”

Keep shining bright!

With Infinite Love & Gratitude~Dr. Darren

How to Shift Jealousy + Loneliness to Hope + Compassion Through E~Motion . . .The Nature of Energy

lifeline impact

Processing emotions and flowing with seasonal changes is an integral component to living an optimally healthy, balanced, and purposeful life. There is a subtle yet intricately vital connection we share with nature. The key is to awaken an active relationship with our emotions that empowers us to flow, grow, and shine as we… Continue Reading →

We’re Not Here to Fix Anyone

Are you being great to yourself?

So many of us put others first at the expense of maintaining the balance that’s necessary to create an optimally healthy and purposeful life.

What brings you joy, laughter, and fulfillment? Whether you need some quality alone time or an intimate connection with a dear friend or loved one, you deserve to align yourself with what fills your heart.

It’s time to fill up your tank with sustainable energy!

Begin by getting curious of what really fills you. Ask the Universe heart-provoking questions to activate a new way of thinking and feeling. You have the ability to create a new balance by making the next chapter of your life the very best chapter.

Here are some questions I like to ask the Universe:

  • “What are three things that I can do each day that will make me feel proud of myself?”
  • “What are five things I am grateful for?”
  • “What does the next chapter of my life look like?”
  • “What will help my body heal?”
  • “What makes me happy?”

You have all the answers within you to change the stress and worry you’re currently going through into courage, confidence, and wellbeing. Give yourself permission to be your authentic self.

Allow yourself the time to reconnect with your dreams and desires. The Universe wants you to grow and flourish.

“I Am Owning My Power Feeling Phenomenal!”

Keep shining bright!

With Infinite Love & Gratitude~

Dr. Darren

Own It!

Own it!

 If not now, then when? It’s time to begin believing in yourself and your desires. It’s time to face the challenge of living your truth. It’s a perfect time to stand up tall and commit yourself to walking the path of your best self and your best life . . . each and every day. Own it!

 “No-thing can stop me from emerging my greatness!”

 It’s time to recognize that you have more in you than you have been admitting, let alone expressing.

There is untapped power in you. No matter your history, you have the ability to live beyond any moment and create optimal health, balance, and purpose.

 Reject self-rejection. You may have been victimized, but you are not a victim. The painful circumstances, past traumatic experiences, and stressful people that replay over and over again in your mind are the signal to dig a little deeper.

Choose to embrace the possibility that everything that you’re going through and have gone through can be used to make you calmer, wiser, more compassionate and loving with yourself and others. Own it!

“I am committed to living an Amazing life!”

 Keep shining bright!

 With Infinite Love & Gratitude~


 Dr. Darren

Moving Forward with Acceptance

What people, attitudes, and habits are keeping you stuck in the past or afraid of the future?

Before you get to where you desire to be, you have to be ok with where you are now. YOU are in charge of getting to where you desire to be emotionally, physically, personally, and professionally.

Acceptance doesn’t mean approval. Acceptance helps us to acknowledge the perceived reality of a situation, wherein we come to recognize a situation – most often negative and uncomfortable – for what it is, without attempting to fight it or make it go away. Acceptance empowers us to firmly plant our feet before we take the courageous steps into the next best version of ourself-our personal evolution into greatness.

Here’s a powerful acceptance exercise I call The Truth Question.

As you reflect back on 2015 ask yourself, “what am I unable to accept that’s holding me back NOW from fully moving forward into 2016?” Would you ever choose to create your life being unable to accept __________________ (what you brought to mind)?

The answer is an obvious, “Hell No!” Not only would you not choose to feel this way, you’d never choose the circumstances that have lead to these feelings in the first place.

What isn’t a choice or an action is a reaction and the reactive part of your body, relationships, and circumstances is called the subconscious. Our subconscious mind never chooses or judges. It only reacts based upon the way it’s been programmed.

Not being able to accept is a subconscious program.

Cultivating a mindset of acceptance requires disciplined thought and action.

  • Accept what you’re experiencing now.
  • Create a daily practice of setting an intention of what it is you desire.
  • Establish action steps to put your intention motion.

You’ll discover that in a short amount of time that your birthright of laughter, joy, and love will be a natural part of your daily experience.

LifeLine Ignite, an e-learning course, is our solution for guiding clients to move through challenging circumstances in their lives from acceptance into action.

It has enabled them to live their fullest potential for creating balance, optimal health, and purpose. You deserve it, too!

Keep shining bright!

With Infinite Love & Gratitude~

Dr. Darren

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