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Dec 05, 2022
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By Paige Frisone, Certified LifeLine® Practitioner

Hi! I love you. Cool, now that that’s established, we have a lot to chat about. It’s not news to anyone that the world’s experiencing more feelings of division, separation, and disconnect than ever before. In response to this energy–as well as that of The LifeLine®’s 20th anniversary coming up–The LifeLine Wellness Center practitioners feel the massive momentum behind and urgency around offering this technique to the collective.

Dr. Darren Weissman–the developer of The LifeLine Technique®–recently hosted a webinar series that featured esteemed practitioners, authors, thought-leaders, and change-makers to discuss what lies beyond the veil of consciousness.

Specifically, in Dr. Darren’s webinar with Gregg Braden–five-time best-selling author, scientist, and global educator–there was an upsurge in polarized perceptions regarding what The LifeLine Technique®’s signature “I Love You” hand posture means. The divisive energy was palpable–and still–it remained evident that the frequency of love is–and will always be–stronger than fear. 

So, whether you’re an active LifeLiner®, hold resistance, or have no clue what we’re talking about–this article’s for you. 

“I Love You” Has a Hand Posture


Simply put, The LifeLine Technique® is a journey of love. It’s designed to help us remember what we’ve been programmed to forget by raising the vibration of reactive memories, patterns, and emotions stored in the subconscious mind. To engage with this unique 16-step system, you’ll want to know its two foundational principles. 

The first involves Infinite Love & Gratitude®, words that have been scientifically proven by Dr. Masaru Emoto’s water consciousness theory to hold the highest vibration. The second principle involves the “I Love You” hand posture–based in American Sign Language–to convey this frequency. We use the “I Love You” hand posture paired with the words Infinite Love & Gratitude to upgrade the electromagnetic field and blockages living in the invisible realm.

Check out Dr. Darren Weissman’s video at the top on this hand mudra and Infinite Love & Gratitude to better understand how these two principles came together.

Why Hand Postures Matter

In author Nicole Krauss’s book, The History of Love, she declares, “The first language humans had was gestures…During the age of silence, people communicated more, not less. Basic survival demanded that the hands were almost never still…” 

Albert Mehrabian, a body language researcher, supports the common statistic that 90% of communication is nonverbal. Only 7% involves actual words. Based on these primitive understandings of human expression, we can universally conclude that hand postures do, in fact, matter.

For this reason, Dr. Darren and Certified LifeLine® Practitioners are extremely intentional about the function and purpose of this hand posture. The sheer fact is that “I Love You” in American Sign Language is communicated by way of the index finger, pinky, and thumb extended. Don’t mistake it for the perceived devil’s “sign of the horns;” that hand posture only uses the index finger and pinky, with no thumb extended.


Photo Credit: Emilio Ferreiro

Dr. Mary Alexander – a Certified LifeLine® Practitioner within The LifeLine Wellness Center and healthy, loving skeptic–aims to explain and educate clients about why we do what we do in a LifeLine® session. She expresses frustration around those who classify or categorize The LifeLine Technique® as “woo-woo,” declaring, “The LifeLine® is scientific; so I’d like to keep it in the realm of science.” 

In reflecting on this hand-posture polarity, Dr. Mary continues, “This is what I’ve come up with: Human beings are storytellers and our hands are like an extension of our energy…We clap, we pat each others’ backs, we high-five, we gesture, we do all these things with our hands when we’re talking to enhance communication…we put our hands in these postures because we’re directly influencing our frequency interpretation machine–our brain. We know through muscle testing that when you put your hand in the I Love You posture, you are directly influencing your nervous system. You are energetically regulating your nervous system with this hand posture–plain and simple…This hand posture implies to the nervous system: Love.” 

History of the American Sign Language Hand Posture


While the origins of sign language are unknown, some suggest it began over 200 years ago, when French Sign Language (LSF) fused with local sign languages. While British Sign Language (BSL), French Sign Language (LSF), and American Sign Language (ASL) have greater distinctions among them now, the I Love You hand posture is concretely used and unquestionably recognized in the ASL community.

Click here to see countless celebrities including Barack Obama, the Dalai Lama, Pope Francis, and myriad others sporting the widely recognized I Love You hand posture.

What to Do With Our (Mis)Perceptions

In The LifeLine Technique®, one of the 9 Rules of Mastering the Game of Life® states: I am the only one who can take full responsibility for my life. This means taking responsibility for our triggers and perceptions, too. 

commonly circulated quote claims, “I stopped explaining myself when I realized people only understand from their level of perception.” Let’s talk about this.

One of the portals in The LifeLine Technique® is called the Core Limiting Belief Portal; it focuses on lenses of perception. The truth is that all perceptions are misperceptions and here’s why. We’re subconsciously triggered through our senses every 3-6 seconds without even knowing it. All it takes is a color, sound, touch, taste, or smell, and we’re instantly struck into a subconscious, unprocessed memory. So? 

These instant, invisible triggers manifest in our power centers – called chakras – and dictate our beliefs (everything hits our light body before it hits the physical). Because beliefs are conditioned and learned, they can’t be True. Perception isn’t Truth. As Dr. Darren states, “We don’t perceive the Truth, we perceive what we believe.” Since beliefs are developed through our senses, we, too, must take accountability for our perceptions.

Owning Where You Are

In response to the recent and plentiful misperceptions around the I Love You hand posture, Dr. Darren reflects, “This mini experience of polarity is a pure reflection of the level of fear-based consciousness in our world. The lenses of (mis)perception triggered and activated in a moment…is causing such painful and destructive dynamics for each of us and the world we’re a part of…” Still, Dr. Darren holds space for the power of love and knows “the only way is through.”

Ellen Welk, a beloved member of the LifeLine® community, Holistic Animal Care Professional, and Cellular Health Expert, responds lovingly to the reactive voices of the hand posture. She shares, “This process changed my life 9 years ago when I didn’t want to live anymore because I was depressed and very sick. I decided to learn The LifeLine Technique® to help myself–to guide my heart and learn to lead my subconscious mind. I did, and it works. I use these tools every day, and I will for the rest of my life. This is the real thing, and it’s all about love. Love is the answer.”


Certified LifeLine® Practitioner Paige Frisone and LifeLine Wellness Center Team Member Ellen Welk joyfully celebrating the “I Love You” hand posture in Chicago.

Ellen’s testimonial is accompanied by countless other loving voices who insist on the legitimacy of this hand posture, as well as the impact it has played in their lives. Infinite love & gratitude.

It’s Safe to Love

Recently, I facilitated a LifeLine® session with a sweet mother and her bright, 6-year young daughter. After two incredibly transformative experiences, the mother and daughter continued to sport their I Love You hand posture to each other at home. In a subsequent session with me, the mom reported that her husband wasn’t comfortable with the hand posture because of his former associations with a gang that used a similar gesture. 

The mom wholly resonated with the truth of the hand posture and acknowledged the reactivity in her husband’s perceptions. Still, there were evident obstacles to her freely and safely expressing this love. Moments like these, as Dr. Darren acknowledges, are “Invitations for each of us to enter the initiation of the Portal of Love. An incredible opportunity to lean in, dig deeper,

and dialogue about the nature of perception itself. To hold space and really listen to the parts of ourselves in pain, afraid, and traumatized.”

Love Always Wins

While the hand posture is a critical component of The LifeLine Technique®, if circumstances inhibit you from using it, you can still say and use infinite love & gratitude while imagining the hand posture. Neuroscientifically, the mind doesn’t know the difference between memory, reality, and imagination. Infusing infinite love & gratitude into pain points can shift whatever you intend it to. The Truth remains that this hand posture means I Love You–always has, always will.

So? The long and the short of it is that love is love is love. Take note of your own perceptions, and that of others, too. Lean into the edges with infinite love & gratitude. Stay curious about people’s experiences. Open up your heart more, more, more.


2018 LifeLine® Bootcamp (now called Personal, Professional, Family Life Mastery) crew sporting the I Love You hand posture in Australia

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