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Dec 04, 2022
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By Paige Frisone, Certified LifeLine® Practitioner

Infinite Love & Gratitude and welcome to The Big Idea Blog! The LifeLine® Center practitioners are ecstatic about launching this forum with the intent to capture big ideas in digestible–yet epic ways. 

If you’ve received a LifeLine® session, you know that the technique is a brilliant and elaborate 16-step process that incorporates over 14+ different modalities from Eastern and Western medicine combined. This integrative system is designed to transform human biology and behavior by processing emotions stored in the subconscious mind

Dr. Darren Weissman birthed this science, technology, and philosophy on June 17, 2002, and has since impacted an infinite number of lives through countless one-on-one sessions, international healing circles, diverse certification programs, the invisible reach of multiple books sold, public speaking events, radio shows, movies, and more.  

The Big Idea Blog Intentions

The LifeLine Technique® is a self-healing, emotional processing system designed to raise the vibration of reactive memories, programs, and patterns that manifest as physical symptoms and emotional life stress. While understanding The LifeLine® is not required for the process to work, The Big Idea Blog is an intentional, designated space to explore LifeLine® principles, concepts, practitioner-client experiences, and real-world applications. 

Living The LifeLine® is an integral principle shared among all Certified LifeLine Practitioners; we’re here to guide you on your healing journey by empowering you with education, tools, and strategies to create sustainable changes in your life. Beyond these goals, we want to connect with you deeper. We want to share the LifeLine® mission of world peace through inner peace. We want to meet you in your humanness and walk alongside you in this hero’s journey called Life.

What Is the Big Idea?

The Big Idea blog name was inspired by Dr. Darren Weissman’s relationship with Dr. Tom Bayne, a chiropractic physician and dear friend of his. Decades ago, before the launch of The LifeLine Technique®, Dr. Darren and Dr. Tom would get together for dinners to brainstorm–no, heart storm–the big idea. 

“Dr. Tom and I kept asking the question why,” Dr. Darren narrates…”Why do we have to keep adjusting the same spinal segment again and again? Why does this acupuncture pattern not hold? Why do clients continue to struggle with nutritional deficiencies, infections, and be dependent upon pharmaceutical drugs?” Between their shared unique backgrounds as esteemed chiropractors and functional medicine practitioners, Dr. Darren knew there had to be something more. “We called it the big idea, not knowing what that idea was…” he continues.

Further collaboration between Dr. Tom and Dr. Darren led Dr. Tom into a trance-like state in Belgium one night. Dr. Darren recalls Dr. Tom’s words, naming, “There’s gotta be something that comes out of Darren and I coming together. You’re the emotional, spiritual, and energetic piece, and I’m in the chemistry and functional biology of this. There’s gotta be a bridge.” They both figured, boom, that’s the big idea.

Leave it to the highly regarded Dr. Ingrid Maes – Dr. Tom’s wife–to push the big idea’s birth. One night–after yet another heart storm dinner session–Dr. Ingrid confronted both Dr. Darren and Dr. Tom. She warm-heartedly nudged, “So, you guys, where’s this big idea you’ve been talking about for so long? You go out to all these fancy dinners and all I have is this big credit card bill…” 

Soon after, Dr. Ingrid turned to Dr. Darren, prompting the pivotal question. She offered, “Do you want to know the truth…of why you haven’t come up with this big idea?” Dr. Darren stalled in curiosity and awe with a wide-eyed, Um, YES. She continued, “You’re just too afraid of how powerful it will be.” Struck with a wicked Truth Bomb, Dr. Darren woke up to The LifeLine Flow Chart® that night. 

Marianne Williamson was right. Our deepest fear is not that we’re inadequate, it’s that we’re powerful beyond measure. The LifeLine® is not about cowering from fear. It’s not about escaping, avoiding, or making challenges go away. It’s about building a relationship with the reactive parts of our brain and harmonizing these programs. It’s about finding the portal and walking through the darkest, scariest, messiest doors to find the next greatest versions of ourselves.

Welcome. Even in digesting this material, something new is brewing. A greater iteration of you is now available. Marinate in it. Let it integrate. Then, we apply.

Bring Out Your Best with Big Ideas

If deep change is calling you, you’re not alone. If fear’s in the driver’s seat, it’s likely because that which you’re avoiding is exactly your calling. What would it be to allow your next big idea to come forth? What’s dying to come out–and through you? 

Let it.

If you’re ready to conquer your fears and the ways they manifest, our team is here to support you. You can always book a session to align your mind with your heart’s desire. This action step will launch you into a new frequency from which you can operate anew.



Dr. Darren Weissman emphasizes the difference between knowing that change is possible and knowing how to change. In a self-help-laden world with magnitudinous information and discordant action, this jam-packed event will propel you into a customized plan for greater clarity of vision, purpose, and confidence for creating your optimal life.

To Have an Experience Plus a LifeLine® Experience

As the radiant and wise Certified LifeLine® Practitioner, Dr. Mary Alexander, says, “This [evolutionary] process isn’t intellectual. That’s why I consider myself a mystic. I have to experience things to know them for sure.” The LifeLine® Technique transforms conditioned beliefs into incontestable knowings. Like Dr. Mary–who is entirely a mystic–this in-person event will offer a first-hand experience–beyond words and intellect.

The LifeLine Center team showing up for this event holds myriad intentions: to be held for two intensive days after two intensive years (and beyond) of collective trauma. To help you create sustainable, profound changes in your life. And importantly, to have an absolute blast. 

Whether you’re new to The LifeLine Technique®, are certified, or anything in between, we’re ready to grow, heal, evolve, and transform with you. As Dr. Darren mentioned in this past week’s healing circle, “We want you to have it all.” *Cue Jason Mraz*


We love you so much and we’re so glad you’re here. For more information about upcoming events, social media blasts, and the next best big ideas to come, stay tuned in to The Big Idea Blog here! If you’ve found this post valuable, we’d love for you to share it with family and friends in honor of this world peace through inner peace vision!


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