What is the Self-Healing Journey & Why Does It Matter?

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By Paige Frisone, Certified LifeLine® Practitioner

Hi, friends! Infinite love & gratitude, and welcome back. Today’s all about one of the most important aspects of human existence: self-care. When we value self-care and commit to it, we heal. Yet, this concept – while simple-seeming – is also one of the most misunderstood. 

Self-care, self-help, self-love, and self-heal have become nebulous concepts in our world today. Yet, they are as transparent as they present: care for self, help yourself, love yourself, heal thy self. While society commonly interchanges these four phrases, the urgency behind understanding them has never been greater. So let’s get to it.

Self-care, self-help, self-love, self-heal


Upon closer examination, these seemingly interchangeable phrases hold distinct differences. And while we often associate self-care with Epsom salt baths, manicures, and cucumber masks (no shame!) these umbrella principles hold a more substantial science. 

  • Self-care: The World Health Organization defines self-care as: “the ability of individuals, families, and communities to promote health, prevent disease, maintain health, and cope with illness and disability with or without the support of a health-care provider.”
  • Self-help: The dictionary defines self-help as “the action or process of bettering oneself or overcoming one’s problems without the aid of others…the coping with one’s personal or emotional problems [portals] without professional help.” 
  • Self-love: To practice self-love – and it is, entirely a practice – is to “appreciate one’s own worth or value” and to tend to one’s “own happiness or well being.”
  • Self-healSelf-healing is “used to describe a piece of equipment or system that has the ability to discover and correct faults without needing outside help.” 

You might want to take some time with each definition to feel into their nuances. Based on this information, it’s safe to say that self-regulating protocols entail more than once-in-a-while relaxation techniques. 

Now that we’ve isolated and clarified these terms, let’s talk fact and fiction.

FACT: The body is naturally self-healing

The body is a self-healing system. It’s designed to heal, regenerate, and completely be whole. How do we know?

  • Intercostal skeletal muscles are replaced every 15 years
  • Liver cells are replaced every 300-500 days
  • Intestinal epithelial cells are replaced every five days
  • Internal intestinal cells are replaced every 16 years
  • Fingernails grow 0.1 mm / day
  • Toenails grow 1 mm / month
  • Red blood cells are replaced every four months
  • The skeleton is replaced every 10 years
  • And so on…

We don’t get sick. We detox and heal. We are physiologically, structurally, biochemically, and neurologically different beings at this moment than we’ve ever been before. That’s a fact.

Knowing that we’re self-healing in nature is the first step to understanding the principles of self-care. Integrating this primary concept helps us start shifting our perceptions. 

Any dis-ease, dis-order, diagnosis, dysfunction, or discomfort of the body is merely the result of stored, subconscious patterns that – when processed – kickstart the body back into alignment.

FACT: Self-healing does not dismiss Western medicine


Western medicine is designed to diagnose and treat acute dis-ease. What it doesn’t do is honor the body’s subconscious and innate self-healing mechanisms. 

In an incredibly over-treated pill-popping culture – where more than 131 million people, or 66% of all adults in the US – take prescription drugs. That’s just in this country. Tack on children + the rest of the world and we’ve landed among the largest case of macro toxicity this world’s ever seen. 

And that doesn’t even account for the repercussions of those prescribed. Among them, there were 53 million people who used, abused, and/or misused drugs just last year

So, while it’s true that self-healing does not negate the importance of Western medicine in the right context, it does empower us to understand our truest nature – to heal.

FICTION: Self-help is for readers alone

Self-help is commonly associated with a designated, best-selling book section at the library. While there’s nothing wrong with doing what feels good for you, the term “self-help” itself has created a culture – and therefore – a counterculture. The counterculture would argue that self-help books and their associated concepts are trendy and perpetuate the mental addiction to “fixing” yourself. 

In The LifeLine® Healing Circle, we chronically and intentionally acknowledge that no one is broken. You don’t need to be fixed. Any thoughts that resist that truth are merely beliefs that have been conditioned by lenses of misperception.

Throughout the LifeLine® process, people begin to understand all of these concepts individually, as well as cohesively. If this were an equation, it’d look like this:

✔️ Self-care + self-help + self-love = self-healing. Inversely,❌ a toxic mind + a lack of self-care + lack of self-love = dis-ease, dis-order, and dysfunction.

FICTION: Self-healing is the response to disease

Remember, self-healing is always naturally occurring, which means it’s not solely the result of a diagnosis (though that is often the catalyst for change). Whether your motive for health is to be proactive, maintain wellness, or combat the onset of dis-ease, lifestyle changes will start to occur. This might look like:

  • Diet and exercise
  • Mental detoxification
  • Behavioral adjustments
  • Environmental shifts
  • Relational support
  • Western medical attention
  • Eastern medical attention

When it comes to health, are you proactive, maintaining, or fighting dis-ease?

FICTION: Self-healing means you’re on your own

It’s obvious the word “self” is the common denominator among these four terms, but by no means does that mean you’re alone. To remind you of that, feel free to revisit our blog on Understanding the World Peace Through Inner Peace Journey.

While everyone has a subjective and customizable wellness plan, we are uniformly human. And as such, with the self-healing realm comes an incredible community of like-minded individuals supporting each other every step of the way – not just among LifeLiners – but all seekers alike.

Growing together is an integral element of self-healing.

Calls to Action: Locate your Self


To get a better idea of your relationships with self-care, self-help, self-love, and self-heal, feel free to take out a pen and paper for a quick self-assessment.

1. Self-assessment

  • Exceptional 
  • Above average
  • Average
  • Below Average
  • No Commitment

Using the above scale, go ahead and write the following four categories on your piece of paper: Self-care, self-help, self-love, self-heal. For each category, rank where you currently stand on this commitment scale of 1-5. Stay in a place of non-judgment as best as you can. What we observe, we influence, so we want to own where we are with willingness and compassion.

If you’re drawn to it, you could explore this further by journaling about what each term means to you, how they show up (or don’t) in your life, and what you’d like to change. Whichever your lowest ranking section may be – congrats – you’ve found your starting point. 

2. 5 Essential Acts of Self-Love

Every LifeLine® session ends with actionable steps called the 5 Basics for Optimal Health, also known as the 5 Essential Acts of Self-Love (notice how the two go hand-in-hand). Clients are muscle tested for the specifics, but there are generalized recommendations everyone can follow. 

  • Food Understanding infinite love & gratitude helps us know that food health is more about your relationship to food than about the actual food you eat. Of course, extremes aren’t healthy on either end. Organic, all-natural, and nutrient-dense foods remain the most high-vibrational, though we encourage harmonizing all food regardless.
  • Water Given that we’re comprised of over 70% water, the recommendation is 1 quart for every 50 LBS (or 1 liter for every 25 kilograms) and rounding up! Be sure to supplement with water for any caffeinated beverages you consume and harmonize the water with infinite love & gratitude.
  • Rest Rest includes sleep hygiene (7-9 hours of sleep a night), getting off screens an hour before bed, meditating, yin yoga, and the like. It also involves your mind: setting intentions before you sleep and redefining what rest means and looks like in your every day.
  • Exercise  Oppositely, bodies need exercise to integrate the left and right hemispheres of the brain and process life experiences. Do your best to move 30 minutes a day in some form: dancing, jogging, walking, yoga, or anything else that feels good to you. Mentality matters here too. The goal is to align with the body’s desire to move instead of making it a “should.” Shoulds create more resistance and can alter the body’s response to movement.
  • Own Your Power Owning your power is subjective and there are infinite ways to do so. Journaling positive affirmations each day, thinking conscious thoughts, creating mantras, running self-sessions, or receiving a LifeLine® session are all fantastic self-care, self-help, self-love, and self-healing methods. 

Committing to just one of these five basics sets new neural pathways – and therefore holistic levels of change – in motion. To make these changes sustainable, stay consistent and work with a LifeLine® Practitioner to customize a wellness plan that works for you.

3. Take one step forward

What are you willing to commit as a result of this piece? You have infinite options!

  • Drinking three liters of water a day? 
  • Joining the LifeLine Ignite® Facebook group for a sense of community? 
  • Journaling about what self-care means to you?
  • Blessing your food with infinite love & gratitude?
  • Doing yoga 3x / week?
  • Or maybe all of the above!

Before you decide, feel free to visit this Abraham Hicks physical well-being meditation to integrate the above information.

Whatever you choose, we’re here for you and we’re proud of you. And before you go, we’ve got an important announcement. Dr. Darren is offering a free trial in The LifeLine Healing Circle. Learn how to shift any emotion and truly change everything in your life from finances and relationships to health and chronic internal battles. You can register simply by clicking here

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