How to Navigate the Site

Just purchased a new product from us? Check out the video below on how to get logged in, access your products, reset your password, contact us, and more!

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Logging In

  1. Go to

  2. Enter your email.

    Not sure which email? Whichever email address you receive our emails to is most likely the one.

  3.  Enter your password.

    If you just signed up or made a purchase, you created a password at that time, so enter that one.

    If you were granted access because you were moved from our old system, you should have received an email with your password.

    Didn't get your password or don't know your password? No worries, just hit "Forgot Password", enter your email address in the box, and an email will be sent with a reset link. THIS LINK EXPIRES QUICKLY so make sure to open it right away.

    Click the link in the email we sent and you can create your new password.

    Once done, it will automatically log you in and take you to the page that lists all the courses you own. 


Accessing Your Courses

  1. Once logged in, it will automatically direct you to the "My Library" page. You'll know it's the right one because it was show all the courses you own from us and it will say "Welcome to LifeLine U" at the top of the page.

  2. Just click on the course you want to access, and it will take you straight there.

    Not seeing what I described above? Once logged in you can go to to get there. 

    You can also click "My Library" in the top menu, or if you see the circle icon that looks like like your photo or a little man, it will open a dropdown that also has a link to "My Library". Watch the video above to see an example.